nia baker | MA, LPC


"I'm rather envious of the way the wind dances with each blade of grass, never staying too little or too long. Lingering is sometimes a tricky business. It's best to do when you've packed snacks..."

Nia Baker has appreciated the visual arts since childhood and has always used them as a way to explore her own experiences with suitcases of loss and grief. She participated in the Created to Create cohort and now paints individually out of the Ormewood Studio. Her goal is to embody process and ambiguity through visual media as a way to open space for reflection on both particular pain and beauty.

Nia is an individual and group therapist with a strength based focus towards understanding and owning our stories and learning new skills to move towards the life we want to live. She has a Masters in Professional Counseling with a Certificate in Trauma Counseling, holds an Associate License in Professional Counseling in the state of Georgia, and believes in the dignity of each experience.

Nia works directly with clients both in her office as well as travels as a part of the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, which provides support for first responders during times of crisis or disaster. She is currently congruently pursuing a Masters in Divinity with a focus on ethics and creative reconciliation practices across cultures.